Senior Friendly Watches – Best Easy to Read Watches For Seniors

As a senior, Large face watches for elderly, easy to read watches for seniors or any senior friendly watches is what you need

Watches are an essential part of our outfit. Not only because of the primary function they perform but also because of the swag or chicness they add to our dressing and what they say of our personality.

All watches tell time, but not the same way. Few do so in bold prints, others in small prints. While some say it, others write it. Some are analogue, and others are digital. Leaving us with different options to select from when buying a wrist watch.

Basic tasks, such as telling the time, become herculean as one gets older. This can primarily be attributed to deteriorating sight as one gets older. It, therefore, becomes essential at this stage to choose the best wrist watch for elderly.

Our Brief List – Best Senior Friendly Watches

Last update was on: January 12, 2021 1:39 pm

Last update was on: January 12, 2021 1:39 pm

Last update was on: January 12, 2021 1:39 pm

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Easy to Read Watches for Elderly

There are three ‘parallels’ in wrist watch configuration as stated earlier. You may have to pick a side in each of these parallels. The features of these parallels are discussed to make your decision making easier.

1. Digital: digital wrist watches are smart watches which show you the time when prompted by pressing on its button / on one of its buttons

Analogue: with an analogue wrist watch, you’ll have to decode the time using the position of the hands against the numbers on the screen it’s advisable to choose a digital wrist watch because it saves time and stress of trying to figure out which number is which and where the hands of the wrist watch are pointed at, amongst other things. 

It will be advantageous to choose a simple digital watch. The type with easy to figure out buttons and not those embedded with buttons which make them hard to figure out and operate.

In some cases, numbers are not placed on the screen of analogue wristwatches, and one is expected to tell the time based on previous memory of number locations on the screen of a wrist watch. This could be the height of confusion for seniors with poor sight or memory.

2. Bold prints: numbers are legibly written on the screen. Most wristwatches with bold prints have large faces.

Tiny prints: numbers are not boldly written, and such wrist watches have small faces. Except you intend to wear your wristwatch as a fashion statement and not as a timepiece, then it’s best to go for wristwatches with bold prints to prevent unnecessary strain on the eyes. 

Years earlier, I would have opted for watches with tiny prints in small frames. They spelt elegance for me. But now, that would spell impending blindness. So, I go for those with bold prints.

3.Talking watch: they tell you the time. They can say what time it is when prompted to.

Non-talking wrist watches: they do not tell the time. You must read out the time yourself.
Talking watch for elderly have made time telling a lot much easier and fun.

Most of the features discussed since the beginning of this category overlap/ inter-twine. An analogue wrist watch comes with either bold or tiny prints. A digital wristwatch could tell you the time or just show you. It could have tiny prints or bold prints.

Other factors to consider are:

4. Make of the wrist watch: wrist watches could be made of leather, rubber, wood, plastic, metal or a combination of two or more of these materials. Some skins are sensitive to certain materials.

I, for example, am sensitive to wrist watches with metal bands. As such, I avoid them.
Depending on the make too, some wrist watches last longer than others.

5. Health benefits: a good number of smart watch for elderly monitor the fitness of its user(s) by checking their heartbeat rate, reminding them to drink water periodically, keeping track of how many steps they take etc. For some of such watches, these features will need to be activated and monitored through an app on a smart phone. For others, the features come installed on the watch

6. Adjustable bands: we shrink as we get older. Wrist watches with adjustable bands can be adjusted to secure the wrist watch to small wrists

7. Buttons: if you’ll be buying a wrist watch with buttons, choose one with easy-to-spot buttons so you can locate the button when you wish to correct, set the time or do whatever the button is designed for

8. Contrasting colours: it’s recommended you bought a wrist watch with contrasting colours on the hour and minutes hands. It makes their positions faster to decipher and time telling easier.

To help narrow your choices, a section of this article has been dedicated to reviewing…

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Best Senior Friendly Watches (Large Face Watches For Elderly)

Here is a researched list of the 5 best wrist watches for elderly.

Timex Men’s Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch

timex senior friendly watch

Timex has been a trusted brand in its over 165 years of wrist watch designing and manufacturing. The Timex Men’s Easy Reader Date Expansion Band Watch is one of our top recommended senior friendly watches


  • Indiglo technology
  • Expandable wrist band
  • The numbers are written in Arabic numerals
  • Ventilation ports: this is how air gets in to keep the feet aerated and prevent them from smelling.

What We Like:

  • It is easy to read essentially because:
  • The numbers and hands are legible
  • It has an electroluminescent panel as the backlight for even illumination of the watch which makes time telling in the dark easy
  • Long battery life and durable wrist band, which some users claim to have lasted over 20 years in their use
  • Date: apart from time, this wrist watch also tells the date
  • Generic fashion style: It can be worn with any colour and style of outfit
  • Water-resistant: it is not affected by water and can resist water pressure up to 99 feet deep
  • Wrist band: the easiest way of wearing a watch must be by slipping your wrist into it and this watch offers you that luxury
  • Unisex: although the wristwatch is made to fit men better, it is also suitable for women

What We Don’t Like:

  • Telling the date is challenging for some people as its print is not legible

Citizen Men’s Eco-drive Promaster Diver Watch

citizen senior friendly watches

Citizen as a wristwatch brand is known for its record-breaking innovativeness and environmental advocacy with the latter leading to the production of their Eco-drive wrist watches


  • Large screen face
  • Different colours and designs on the seconds, minutes and hour hands

What We Like:

  • Easy-to-wear: the watch is secured to the wrist using a buckle
  • Date: The Citizens Men’s Eco-drive watch also shows the date
  • Legible details: every detail on the screen of the watch is easy to read. The hands for reading the time also reflects light which makes it visible in the dark
  • Eco-drive: energy harnessed from light- either natural or artificial, is used to power the watch.This saves the user money and time that would have been spent buying and changing batteries (which is the common energy source for most wrist watches) as light is unlimited in supply.It also cuts down on environmental pollution by eliminating the disposal of millions of batteries (which are toxic to the environment).
  • Water-resistant: these days, I forget to remove my wrist watch before taking a shower. This happens to a lot of seniors which makes getting a water-resistant wrist watch, such as this, vital

What We Don’t Like:

  • The watch has a masculine outlook, which makes it less attractive for females
  • Sometimes, buckling a wrist watch can be hard for persons with shaky hands and failing sight.

Casio G-Shock Tough Solar Watch

casio senior watch

  • Solar-powered battery: uses solar energy to recharge its lithium metal battery
  • G-shock: is a feature peculiar to Casio brand and is the short form of Gravitational shock.

What We Like:

  • Resistance: it is resistant to mechanical shock and vibrations
  • Long battery life: most users of this watch have not had to replace its battery since purchase, perhaps because solar energy is available every day
  • 20 Bar Water Resistant: built to be water-resistant to the depth of 200m. Suitable for use under the rain, while taking a shower and other water-related activities
  • Multi-Band 6 Atomic timekeeping: the watch is designed to display accurate time with an error margin of +/- 1 second if it ever occurs. It receives signals during the night from 6 transmission stations worldwide, hence the title ‘multiband 6’
  • Electro-luminescent backlight: or EL backlight for short is used to increase readability in low light condition. You can see the time with or without light
  • Strap: made of durable material- resin and may never need to be replaced
  • It displays the day and date, world time; has a daily alarm with snooze
  • Digital: displays the time in both 12- and 24-hour formats

What We Don’t Like:

  • It has a rigid design making it fashionable for only men.

TimeChant Five Senses Atomic Talking Watch

Time chant

This watch communicates the time both visually and verbally. It is dedicated to serving seniors with special needs.


  • A male voice for saying the time
  • Display Type: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with lights

What We Like:

  • Legibility: the LCD digits are easy to read
  • Form of communication: it communicates the day, date and time orally. This makes it perfect for people with poor or failing sight and the best wrist watch for elderly
  • Automatic reset using the Atomic time telling function: it sets itself including adjustment for daylight savings time through radio atomic signals received during the night. This gives the precise time and saves you the stress of resetting your watch manually
  • Manual reset option: this is beneficial to those not within the frequency range of the radio atomic signal. They can manually reset the time
  • One battery: uses one battery to enable the movement of digital display and digital voice
  • Audibility: the voice used in telling the time is loud and clear

What We Don’t Like:

  • The radio atomic signal is not widely available; therefore, the time will have to be reset manually in those areas where it is unavailable, and the user will have to forfeit the calendar feature as it cannot function without an atomic signal
  • Battery: the battery will need to be replaced periodically.

Yamay Fitness Tracker Wrist watch


The Yamay Fitness wrist watch monitors and tracks fitness-related activities which makes it an ideal easy to read watch for elderly


  • Colourful band
  • Wrist sensor switch
  • Electrically rechargeable battery

What We Like:

  • Waterproof
  • Accepts up to 10 alarm clock inputs
  • Built-in USB charge; has no need for a cable
  • Monitors the heart rate continuously for 24 hours
  • Monitors and analyses the quality of your sleep
  • Encourages more sports/ exercises: by supporting as many as 14 sports modes
  • Pedometer: measures the number of steps taken and estimates the distance walked
  • Long battery life: the battery can last for 5 – 7 days when charged for 2 hours
  • Dual screen light: differentiates hours from minutes to make time-telling easy
  • GPS: when connected to your phone, it can monitor and show your itinerary in the app. This feature also helps caretakers monitor the movement of those placed in their care
  • Sedentary reminder: reminds you to relax as often as you have programmed it to remind you
  • Assistant Phone: notifies you of incoming calls and SMS, as well as updates from your social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Twitter etc

What We Don’t Like:

  • One needs to remember to charge the watch
  • To enjoy all its benefits, you’ll need to connect the wrist watch to a specified app.
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Conclusions on Large Face Watches for Seniors

Apart from the earlier stated factors to consider when buying a wrist watch, there are other factors to consider such as the watch’s ability to give the accurate time made possible through atomic radio signal receptors, backlight to illume the screen in darkness and display light (for digital wrist watches).

Your choice of wrist watches as a senior should be influenced by more than half of the factors stated above, but most importantly get an easy to read watch

The factors which make a wrist watch easy to read are bold numbers, backlight and display light.

Wrist watches may never go out of value. Albeit the advent of mobile phones which can tell the time, wrist watches are still in vogue. This is because they are easier to access, and they reduce the chances of causing damage to the eyes. Too much exposure to phone lights is not advisable.

There is always a wrist watch for everyone. Whatever your taste, need or preference is, you will always find the perfect watch for yourself.

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