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Securing your footing, especially on wet surfaces such as bathroom floors could be quite challenging. It is even more challenging for the elderly to achieve this feat. However, choosing the right shower slippers could give you less to worry about.

Balance deteriorates with age. Therefore the best kind of shower shoes for elderly is the non-slip shower shoes, also referred to as non-skid shower shoes. As its name implies, it prevents one from slipping. There are different types of anti-slip shoes available, but not all are recommendable for older adults. Therefore, this article is committed to helping you choose the best non-slip shower shoes for the elderly.

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Last update was on: July 3, 2020 6:26 am
Last update was on: July 3, 2020 6:26 am
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What Features Shower Slippers for Elderly Should Have

Let’s say you go online or walk into a store to buy shower slippers for your elderly mum or dad. You are sure to find a ton of shower sandals and making your decision on which to buy won’t be as simple as ABC.

You may wish to consider the following factors before adding that shower slippers to your cart or walking to the cashier to pay for it- as the case may be.

  • It should be slip-resistant: ensure your choice of shower slippers will prevent a fall and manage one well if it comes to that. It will depend on: The sole of the shower slippers: do NOT buy shower slippers with smooth soles. They have low friction and cannot prevent a fall. On equally smooth and slippery surfaces, they could cause a fall
  • The material of the shower slippers: to save money on shower slippers, it’s advisable to buy those made of a material which guarantees durability.
  • Size: be sure it won’t be a struggle putting on the shower slippers or keeping them on. Do not buy oversize or undersize shower slippers
  • Colour and design: you could consider this when you intend for the shower shoes to double as pool sandals or as casual footwear. Most shower slippers come in plain designs, but you will also find those with fancy designs
  • Comfortable to wear: look out for easy-to-wear shower slippers
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How Important are Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes for Seniors?

  • Over 90% of bathroom accidents can be prevented with shower shoes. Slip-resistant shower shoes have outsoles and sometimes insoles, which reduce the possibility of a fall in the bathroom and manage them efficiently should things get too slippery making it vital
  • Research has shown that it’s possible to get bacterial and fungal infections into the body through the feet, especially when they are cracked. Elderly people have fragile immune systems, and this triples their chances of getting bacterial infections from bathrooms which are known bacteria hosts- especially communal bathrooms. It is, therefore, vital to reduce this risk by using shower shoes
  • It keeps your mind at ease. You think less about a bathroom accident occurring because you trust the soles of your bathroom slippers to prevent it.
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Why the emphasis on slip-resistant shower shoes for elderly?

Not all shower shoes can manage or prevent a fall. Some have smooth soles, which is dangerous for anybody and worse for the elderly who may not have the stamina to keep themselves from falling.

To prevent bathroom accidents, most bathroom floors are layered with slip-resistant tiles. As a further precaution, slip-resistant mats are also placed in the tubs and by the tubs. But these precautions sometimes do not eliminate the risk of falling.

Since there is no such thing as being too careful, having on the feet slip-resistant shower slippers is ideal. There are different slip-resistant shower shoes you could choose from. Some are gender-specific, most aren’t. 

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5 Best Non-Slip Shower Shoes for Elderly

We have researched the most secure slip resistant shower shoes that are packable and here is an awesome list of best shower sandals or pool sandals. This list is influenced by my experience and that of various users.

Crocs Men and Women Classic Clog

croc shower slippers
  • Flexible strap: this is what gives Crocs the benefit of being versatile footwear. Crocs come with a flexible strap which can be moved behind the heels to make it sandals or to the instep to make it a slipper.
  • Ventilation ports: this is how air gets in to keep the feet aerated and prevent them from smelling.
What We Like:
  • Anti-skid outsole: its synthetic sole reduces the likeliness of losing your footing and falling or slipping on wet surfaces
  • Versatility: it can be used as shower sandals, pool sandals, casual slippers, and casual sandals. It is not uncommon to see people wear Crocs outside their homes
  • Unisex: looks amazing on both male and female feet
  • Comfort: its lightweight contributes majorly to this. It also has ventilation pores which help aerate your feet while you wear them and drain water quickly from the slippers
  • Easy to maintain: washing with warm soapy water is enough care routine for a pair of Crocs which makes it one of the easiest footwears to maintain
  • Anti-skid insoles: for re-assurance against a fall or slip, its insoles are anti-skid also and slightly massage the sole of the feet
  • Durability: crocs are usually made of synthetic which is a durable material
  • Light-weight: weighs close to nothing
What We Don't Like:
  • Ill-fitting: with a toe box designed to be wider than usual, it doesn’t feel right for some people
  • Water retention: retains some water due to its hollow base. If you need it to dry quickly, you’ll have to tilt it up with it heels touching the ground
  • Occupy space: due to their inflexible nature, they cannot be squeezed into a negligible space as packable shower shoes

Shevalues Quick-drying Shower Slides with drain holes 

shevalues shower shoe
  • Drainage holes: the soles are perforated to create drain holes
  • Flexibility: they are usually made of fiber or rubber which are flexible materials. This makes them bendable if the need arises for that.
What We Like:
  • Zero water retention: its drainage holes eliminate the possibility of water retention as water leaves the slippers as quickly as it gets to it
  • Aerated feet: slides expose the feet to adequate air, improves comfort for the user and prevents smelly feet
  • Easy to wear: as the name implies, all you need to do is slide in your feet
  • Non-slip outsole: prevents a fall
  • Non-slip insole:
  • Quick-drying: they dry quickly when washed or bathed with
  • Unisex: designed to fit both genders perfectly
  • Comfort: you are likely to feel more comfortable on dry feet than on wet feet. Considering that this shower slippers does not retain water, this is easily achieved.
What We Don't Like:
  • Singular function: its drain holes limits its use to just bathroom and indoor functions
  • Insecure feet: this is true for those without anti-skid or noduled insoles. As there’s no strap to keep the feet in the shower slippers, there’s the possibility of the feet coming off it and could be dangerous if the floor is slippery
  • They aren’t available for all feet sizes, especially wide and long feet.

Adidas Men’s Adissage SC Slide Sandal


This Velcro-enabled adjustable slide is another recommended anti-slip shower slippers for the following reasons:

What We Like:
  • Easy to wear: can be worn by simply sliding the feet into the footwear or unfastening the Velcro and re-fastening it after placing the feet on the insole
  • Secures the feet: Velcro secures the feet firmly to the slippers.
  • Multi-purpose: they usually come in various fancy designs. Hence, useable as pool sandals and for other outdoor activities
  • Cozy insoles: some adjustable slides have foamy insoles which provide maximum comfort for the elderly feet
  • Flexible size: the Velcro on these slides makes it possible for people of close size ranges to share a pair.
What We Don't Like:
  • Dries slowly: Some have foamy insoles, which make them retain water after taking a shower. If not exposed to adequate sunlight, they could develop an offensive odor. It is therefore advisable to go for those without foamy insoles if you decide to go for this shower shoes
  • The efficiency of Velcro reduces when in constant contact with water. Since these will be serving as shower slides when bought, the possibility of it lasting for long is limited.

Showaflops Women Antimicrobial Shower and Water Sandals

flipflop shower slippers

Flip flops, perhaps, the most common design of shower footwear. Inspired by a parent’s visit to her daughter’s dormitory, this shower flip flops is especially for women, hence its narrow footbed.

What We Like:
  • Lightweight: shower flip flops have lightweights because of the material used in manufacturing them
  • Anti-microbial layer: to fight against bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms found in the bathroom
  • Slip resistance: Most shower flip flops are made of rubber. Rubber does well, both on dry and slippery surfaces, to prevent and manage falls
  • Quick-dry: It dries quickly and does not retain water. which keeps it from developing a foul odor
  • Wearing ease: shower flip flops are very easy to wear and remove
  • Comfort: a lot of users confess that these flip-flops are cozy
What We Don't Like:
  • Sore toes: Elderly skin could be sensitive, and the foot strap of the flip flops could cause sores on their feet and between their toes
  • Noisy: rubber shower flip flops make squeak as they hit the heels of the feet. This could be disconcerting
  • For some, the cutouts for the drainage holes pinch the bottoms of the feet
  • They are not suitable for people with wide feet

Vertico Shower and Poolside Sport Sandal

vertico shower shoe

The Vertico slip-resistant shower sandals are open-toe, slide on sandals

What We Like:
  • Quick-dry: they dry quickly after use or when washed
  • Comfortable insoles: the insoles have soft landing beds which cushion and protect the feet
  • Lightweight: they have negligible weight because of the material they are made of
  • Adaptive footwear: can be used for shower and other purposes in the house, nursing homes, hospital, etc.
  • Feet security: the upper of these slides run from the toe to the instep, covering more parts of the feet than other slides which barely manage to cover the arc of the feet. They provide arch support, thus securing the feet to the footwear
  • Easy care: washing with warm soap and water restores its original look
  • Vented Foot Bridge: there are spaces in between the upper of the shower slippers. It means additional air for the feet thereby eliminating the chances of a sore foot, smelly feet or smelly footwear
  • Anti-skid outsoles: its soles have a firm grip with the ground to reduce and manage falls effectively.
What We Don't Like:
  • Noisy: wet insoles cause them to emit unsettling sounds while used by a walking senior.
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Final Words as per Non Slip Shower Shoes

There are other nice shower shoes not discussed here. More care should be taken in choosing shower shoes for the elderly. You may want to keep in mind the earlier discussion on factors to consider while buying shower shoes for the elderly.

Observe that most of the anti-slip shower shoes discussed above have similar benefits, features, and cons. However, certain salient points distinguish them. These points could inform your choice of an which to get.


Getting non-slip shower shoes is only one out of the other safety measure you can take to prevent falling in the bathroom or on any slippery surface. The bathroom should have a slip-resistant surface. You should also get anti-slip bathroom mats for your bathtub and bathroom floor.

Shower shoes are easy to clean and keep clean. Do this periodically to keep the feet fresh, the slippers clean and free of micro-organisms.

Anti-slip shower shoes are an investment you can never regret making. You really should get one for yourself now!

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