About Us

Our founder,  Gloria M. Parks conceived the idea of PerfectSeniors.com as a result of her extensive experience as a woman who has worked for donkey years in caring for the elderly.

Having discovered that families are in dire need of guidance and help in finding the essential care for their elderly parents, loved ones, and disabled relatives. We understand the need for access to caregiving tools, directories, and guides along with seeking basic practical knowledge.

Ageing gracefully in a place of comfort with access to everything that will make life easy and beautiful is what all our elderly ones want. PerfectSeniors.com is a strong advocate and reliable resource for honouring our senior citizens and elderly parents’ preferences. We offer support at a time when families are confused and anxious, by supplying them with sound answers and solid direction.

Our articles are handcrafted by the founder herself and the research team. The articles are quite educative, informative, entertaining and cover a wide range of diverse topics especially those relating to elderly’s wellbeing in order to make them a perfect senior. We very fondly and proudly recognize the research team’s contribution to the enrichment of our website visitors.

We are however selective and careful about the items we recommend for our elderly ones as we take time to research quality and cost-effectiveness so that we can help our seniors select and effectively use the best products for their needs.